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Description of the Jo-Carroll Depot Local Redevelopment Authority, LRA

The LRA exists to receive property from the Amy on behalf of Jo Daviess and Carroll counties and lease and/or sell it for long-term job creation and economic development.

The LRA was established by an Intergovernmental Agreement between Jo Daviess and Carroll counties on April 9, 1997. The agreement was amended Aug. 11, 1998. The counties in the agreement granted powers and duties to the LRA as an agency of the counties with the authority to implement the reuse plan for the Savanna Army Depot and modify the plan as necessary. The LRA is federally recognized as the responsible implementing local redevelopment authority for the application of the Base Closure Act to the closure of the Savanna Army Depot. The LRA has the authority to receive property and oversee and implement the civilian reuse of the property as specified in a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Army signed August 22, 2003.

Employees: 2. Total Amount of Operating Budget for 2017 (12/01/16-11/30/17) $985,948.00.  Four board members are appointed from each of the two counties. The LRA Board Chairman appoints members to committees. The LRA is required to report to the Boards of Jo Daviess County and Carroll County and the U.S. Army.

FOIA Request: Asa member of the public, you may obtain information and public records by sending a letter of request to an LRA-designated FOIA Officer/Illinois Open Meetings Act Designees Mara Roche, Executive Director, or Angie VanKampen, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper at the one (only) LRA office: 18901 B Street, Savanna Depot Park, Savanna, IL 61074.

Include in your letter your full name, address, the date and a daytime phone number so you can be contacted if the LRA has any questions. Describe the information you are seeking with sufficient detail so that the LRA can find the records. Provide as much information as possible in your request to help the LRA understand what is being requested and expedite the LRA's search process. The request may be made by mail, personal delivery, fax [815-599-1527]or email. State on the envelope, fax cover or in the subject line: FOIA request. To assure prompt attention to your request, direct email to: execdir@LRAsavannail.us or propmgr@LRAsavannail.us and copy the letter of request to ofcmgr@LRAsavannail.us.  Fees will be charged as permitted under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Fees are charged as permitted by the Act. Information about your right to be informed is at www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/government/index.html.

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