815-599-1818 :: 18901 B Street Savanna IL 61074

The Jo-Carroll Depot Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) is seeking consultants for the following:

1.      1.  Feasibility Study and Updated Reuse and Business Plan

2.      2.  Specialized Legal Assistance

The LRA will accept sealed proposals in the LRA office at 18901 B Street, Savanna, IL 61074 until 4:30 p.m. CST on September 19, 2016.

To obtain a copy of the proposal(s), please call 815-599-1818.

Environmental Baseline Survey
    1 Executive Summary
    2  Table of Contents/List of Acronyms
    3  Section 1
    4  Section 2
    5  Section 3
    6  Section 3 Geo Hydro Aquifers
    7  Section 4
    8  Section 5

Intergovernmental Agreement

LRA Reuse Plan & Implementation

Memorandum of Agreement
    1 MOA
    1 A First Amendment to the MOA
    2  Exhibit A to Exhibit C
    3  Exhibit A Legal Description for the 4 tracts of real estate to be conveyed to the LRA
    4  Exhibit C Quit Claim Bill of Sale
    5  Attachment 2 to Exhibit C
    6  Exhibit E Programmatic Agreement with Army and IL State Historic Preservation Office   

    7  Exhibit F Lease in Furtherance of Conveyance (LIFC)
    8  First Supplemental Agreement to the LIFC
    9  Exhibit G List of known environmental documents
  10  Exhibit H Draft Quit Claim Deed
  11  Exhibit I Legal Description of tract of real estate to be transferred to the LRA
  12  Exhibit J Notification of Hazardous Substance
  13  Exhibit K Federal Facilities Agreement

Savanna Army Depot Parcel Map

Savanna Army Depot Range Fan Map

Base Realignment and Closure Installation Action Plan BIAP-May 2016

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