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Congressman Manzullo - Job Building in Northwestern Illinois

Riverport Railroad

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January 15th 2010, 12:15 PM.


Over the last ten years, Northwestern Illinois has been extremely hard hit by job losses. The general flight of manufacturing to lower cost regions, mostly overseas: plus the dramatic economic recession of the last two years; and the shuttering of the Savanna Army Depot in 2000 with the loss of over 400 jobs hit the area hard; in addition the failure of the Old Milwaukee Railroad in the 1970’s and 1980’s created huge job losses in what was once a major railroad nexus. Riverport Railroad, LLC (RVPR) lease purchased the Savanna Depot rail service in 1999 one year before the base was officially closed in 2000.

Over the past eleven years RVPR has invested over $8 Million to improve and add rail services both for domestic shipments and to reach export markets. Their efforts and investments have laid the foundation to help improve the regions fortunes. To date Riverport Railroad and their sub-tenants have created over fifty well paid permanent full time jobs.

RVPR is reporting that these investments and hard work will add a very significant number of additional high paying jobs over the next three years. This job creation will be fueled by projects they are announcing at the press conference. They anticipate that many of these jobs will be filled by qualified local job seekers. Direct jobs associated with planned projects are in the range of 380. Using standard multiplier factors suggested by economic experts indicates that the total impact could conservatively exceed 1,000 jobs. The required investments to build these jobs are in excess of $30 Million. These jobs are not exportable offshore. They will remain in the state, in the area, and on site.

Congressman Manzullo stated - I am excited to support what Riverport Railroad is doing at the Savanna Depot. The concept of a “Rail Car Mall” that will bring in multiple types of rail related business operations is very promising for the potential of creating hundreds of direct jobs for citizens in Savanna and the region. This job creating initiative deserves support from all levels of government.

In addition to Congressman Manzullo, Savanna Mayor Larry Stebbins and the Director at the new Tri County Alliance, Michelle Miller, will be in attendance. They will support the job building program both locally and throughout the State of Illinois. Jack Bernhardt, an officer of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and an expert on infrastructure will make a presentation in support of the job building initiatives.


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SAVANNA DEPOT PARK--The Jo-Carroll Depot Local Redevelopment Authority, LRA, is delighted that Congressman Manzullo recognizes Riverport Railroad’s potential to create jobs and is here in northwest Illinois to support economic development in Jo Daviess and Carroll counties.


The railroad is the largest tenant in the Savanna Depot Park, a nearly 3,000-acre slice of the former Savanna Army Depot that is 20 miles north of the Thomson prison.


The announcement of the Congressman’s support on this date and in this year is especially meaningful. On this day, the nation celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., and in this year northwest Illinois will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the closing of the Depot.


Dr. King, said, “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”


The LRA has been engaged in a continuous struggle to receive property, make it marketable and attract businesses that create jobs to replace jobs lost when the base closed. Ten years after the installation was shuttered and 15 years after it was selected for closure, the LRA has received only 35 percent of the Depot Park. That percentage is unacceptable.


Why? Because like the 1,043 acres that have been received, the 65 percent yet to be conveyed to the LRA will be transferred by the LRA to Riverport Railroad and other entities that have, are trying, and will create employment opportunities.


Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows hard work. It doesn't come before,” said Shelby Steele, a black conservative author.


The LRA urges our conservative friend--Congressman Manzullo--and Riverport Railroad, the State Chamber, Mayor Stebbins, and all of our state and federal lawmakers to continue the struggle, effort and hard work, so that business and employment opportunities follow.


As Betty Steinert, enterprise zone administrator, has testified, citizens here want a paycheck, not welfare.


Our goal:  Provide economic growth, create quality employment; improve property values.